The Making of the San Ramon Eagle

STEP ONE: Ideas, Sketches, and Maquettes

(duration: 3 months)

It all starts with an idea and sketch, then a maquette…

maquette is a small scale model used to help visualize a larger sculpture. The way I make a maquette is by using clay sculpted on top of a welded metal armature that I have designed to portray a beautiful and anatomically accurate pose of the subject.


STEP TWO: enlargement of Maquette to 13-foot eagle in clay

(duration: 9 months)

Next is the enlargement of the maquette to the size of the finished work of art…

13-foot Eagle is the final size of the completed sculpture. This will mean welding square metal tubing together to build an armature, that will be the support underneath the foam and clay. There is 500-600 pounds of clay used to create the large version of this eagle. And I will take several months works on the detail of the feathers, eye, beak, and talons.